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Once he has committed his financial resources and relayed his strategic advice to a business he intends to invest in, Barry Honig usually steps aside and gives them space to implement. Honig is not in the business of micromanaging. This philosophy guides most investments he makes, and the results speak for themselves.

Nevertheless, Barry Honig can break the rules, as it were. When the opportunity to run the biotech company PolarityTE™ presented itself, Barry Honig decided this time he would stick around to solidify the company’s strategic vision and provide hands-on management of this start-up. Not only did this experience put the company on the right path for growth, but his experience as CEO also “allows [him] to think about how investors will view [his] decisions – what will make them happy.” Now that he truly understands both sides of the coin – investing and managing – he can invest smarter, guide his investments better, and be more successful. Barry Honig served as CEO of PolartiyTE™ for two years.

Notable Investments

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Pershing Gold (PGLC)

An emerging Nevada gold producer on a fast-track to reopen the Relief Canyon Mine. One of Barry Honig’s more atypical investments, Pershing Gold is not a cutting-edge biotech or technology firm. Gold piqued Barry Honig’s interest in this venture, and the profitability of this investment is quite volatile. A unique financial endeavor, Barry Honig is in this one for the long run.

Pershing Gold’s strategy to create shareholder value has four elements:

  1. Confirm, expand, and upgrade the gold resource at Relief Canyon.
  2. Re-commission existing heap-leach processing facility at Relief Canyon to fast-track the Company to production.
  3. Explore strategically located 25,000-acre contiguous land package around Relief Canyon.
  4. Create value through strategic acquisitions.

The Relief Canyon Mine property has the capacity to treat 8 million tons per year. The facility is ideally situated to process ore from future discoveries of satellite deposits. Barry Honig serves on Pershing Gold’s Board of Directors due to his success as an investor, extensive knowledge of the capital markets, and his judgment in assessing business strategies.



Aside from his family and Charitable Foundation, the thing Barry Honig is most proud of is his financial and executive investment in PolarityTE™.  The money spent in this company bore fruit as the business revolutionized the biotech and medical industries with skin regeneration technology. Even more powerful was his influential role as CEO for two years, where he gained the opportunity to guide the company to greater success.


PolarityTE, Inc. is the owner of a novel regenerative medicine and tissue engineering platform developed and patented by Denver Lough MD, PhD. This radical and proprietary technology employs a patients’ own cells for the healing of full-thickness functionally-polarized tissues. If clinically successful, the PolarityTE platform will be able to provide medical professionals with a truly new paradigm in wound healing and reconstructive surgery by utilizing a patient’s own tissue substrates for the regeneration of skin, bone, muscle, cartilage, fat, blood vessels and nerves. It is because PolarityTE uses a natural and biologically sound platform technology, which is readily adaptable to a wide spectrum of organ and tissue systems, that the company and its world-renowned clinical advisory board, are poised to drastically change the field and future of translational regenerative medicine.

More info can be found online at www.polarityte.com.

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Chromadex Corporation (CDXC)

Once again, Barry Honig didn’t just take this company on as a mere investor. He served as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors for four years. It’s no wonder that the business’ value increased significantly during his participation on the Board. Providing direction, vision, and strategic guidance to the business only gave the ChromaDex a greater ability to succeed in a competitive marketplace. 

A nutraceutical ingredient company, ChromaDex acquires, develops, and commercializes patented and proprietary ingredient technologies that address dietary supplements, skin care, pharmaceutics, and animal health. In May 2010, Honig invested at $0.14 per share with 100% Warrants at $0.21. Stock closed at $3.50 on 9/15/16 (after 3 for 1 reverse split). Barry Honig served as Co-Chairman from 2011-2015.


InterCLICK, Inc. (ICLK)

Barry Honig’s history at InterCLICK goes back to its early days, during which he helped the audience intelligence provider substantially increase revenues. While most of his investments don’t require his hands-on involvement, in this case he co-founded the company and served as Co-Chairman until it’s uniquely profitable sale in 2011.

InterCLICK is a technology based company that provides data-driven advertising solutions and analytics. Barry Honig originally at $0.35 per share in 2007. The company sold to Yahoo (YHOO) for $9 per share or $270 million.


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Mundo Media

MUNDOmedia is a private global ad technology company, based in the growing tech hub of Toronto. Their data platform and proprietary technology are key to their success. With more than 125 dedicated employees located in 3 continents worldwide, they offer around the clock services and unparalleled mobile marketing expertise. MUNDOmedia announced that its CEO and Founder, Jason Theofilos, has led a buyout of 100% of the outstanding equity of the Company. Barry Honig is among the notable private equity investors that participated. The Royal Bank of Canada provided senior and mezzanine financing for the transaction.


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In addition to investing in start-ups and emerging biotech firms, Barry Honig is dedicated to making his community a better place to live. The Barry and Renee Honig Charitable Foundation gives largely to local children’s organizations, mostly providing extra-curricular opportunities to children in need. The organization gives to the BSO Deerfield Police Athletic League, After-School All-Stars South Florida, Boca Raton Police Athletic League, the Florida Vipers, and the Palmetto Raiders, to name just a few.

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Barry Honig was an amateur boxer – in fact, he was a Golden Gloves competitor in his early days. Today, he sponsors up-and-coming boxers – at least a dozen of them so far.

When Barry is not working, he is exercising to stay at his fighting weight. Always a lover of weight lifting, he now relies on it to also relieve stress and work off his favorite foods – pancakes and chocolate shakes.  Fitness has always been an important part of his daily routine, which he tries to convey to his kids. He also loves blackjack and poker, skiing, and traveling too. St. Tropez, France is by far his favorite city in the world, but he wouldn’t ever say no to a visit to Italy too. Nevertheless, his all time favorite activity is spending time with his family.

Barry Honig married his high-school sweetheart, Renee. Having been together for 30 years (married for 18), they have a magical, soul-mate life together with their four children (ages 9, 12, 13 and 16 – what a handful!) and their 4 dogs (mostly rescues). Residing in Boca Raton, Florida they lead a life of action and involvement in their community.

Barry, never having been one to sit around and do nothing, founded the Barry And Renee Honig Charitable Foundation with his wife, which serves the community’s children by donating to programs benefiting children. The organization also supports animals and contributes to religious establishments.

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Insights, tips and the latest news from Barry and his Team. Our business and nonprofit updates are all here for your reading pleasure.

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Barry C. Honig knows investing. Founder of GRQ Consultants, Inc., and Marlin Capital, LP, his impressive track record speaks for itself. Since the beginning of his career, Mr. Honig has shown outstanding judgment when making investment decisions. This, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the capital markets, distinguishes him among investors.

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When Brandon McThay started his nonprofit agency, The Florida Vipers, it was against all odds. In the midst of a challenging 2009 economy, his dream of starting an organization that would encourage underprivileged youth in his native Deerfield Beach to succeed in every aspect of life was in danger of never coming to fruition.

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In recent years, some communities and their police departments have seen the sad deterioration of an important civic relationship. Although our times seem more challenging than ever, the truth is, a concerted effort has always been required to ensure that the relationship between law enforcement and community youth stays positive.