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Our work

It would be a wonderful world if all children were given an equal chance to succeed. But unfortunately, this is not reality. Regardless of how good we are at business, finance, or community action, there is always a need.

Low-income and at-risk children struggle daily to make the best of bad situations. Barry and Renee Honig were blessed with success and made a commitment to invest in the well being of children by starting an organization dedicated to doing so.

The Barry and Renee Honig Charitable Foundation was formed behind the steadfast belief that every child is special and should have a fighting chance at reaching his or her full potential. It is the cornerstone of their philanthropic endeavors.

Charitable Foundation
After-School All-Stars Charity Event – Barry and Renee with Arnold Schwarenegger and Tom Arnold in 2014.

Florida Vipers

Brandon McThay started his nonprofit agency, The Florida Vipers, in the midst of a challenging 2009 economy. The Florida Vipers encourages underprivileged youth in Deerfield Beach to succeed in every aspect of life. But Brandon passionately believed that using basketball in a fun and educational way would attract youth to his program --- and so did one of his first benefactors, Barry Honig.

Palmetto Raiders

Coach Arties Knight of the Palmetto Raiders Youth Development Club serves children that come from families that live at or below the poverty level. They have developed outstanding athletes on the football field and cultivated the necessary self-esteem and self-discipline that these children need as they make their way in the world.
Non-Profit Organization

Deerfield PAL

The Police Athletic League (PAL) has been running programs in Florida since the early 1980s. PALs offer at-risk youth a variety of after-school and summer programs intended to teach not only the value of discipline but also build participants’ self-esteem to see them through life’s many challenges.

Changing the Way Children Tackle Poverty

The BRH Charitable Foundation’s mission is to inspire children to succeed and reach their full potential by supporting organizations dedicated to the betterment of children’s lives. Its focus includes funding after school enrichment programs and athletic leagues as well as educational scholarships.

Barry and Renee Honig are proud to have provided thousands of dollars to various organizations providing services to at-risk youth. Giving these kids the opportunity to get ahead makes the Honig’s daily grind meaning.

The BRH Charitable Foundation donates to the following organizations:

  • BSO Deerfield PAL
  • Temple Beth El of Boca Raton
  • Boca Raton PAL
  • Pine Crest School (The Honig Family Endowed Scholarship Fund)
  • Florida Vipers
  • After-School All-Stars South Florida
  • Palmetto Raiders
  • Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Inc
Charitable Foundation

who we are

We seek to inspire children to reach their full potential through support of organizations dedicated to the betterment of children’s lives.

What We Do

We donate to organizations dedicated to providing children with increased opportunities for future success

Why we do

We want to provide children with a chance at a better future because, growing up, we were fortunate enough to have those opportunities; our kids have been lucky enough with the prospect of a good education and sound health. We felt we needed to give that to others also.

Barry Honig was an amateur boxer – in fact, he was a Golden Gloves competitor in his early days. Today, he sponsors up-and-coming boxers – at least a dozen of them so far.

When Barry is not working, he is exercising to stay at his fighting weight. Always a lover of weight lifting, he now relies on it to also relieve stress and work off his favorite foods – pancakes and chocolate shakes.  Fitness has always been an important part of his daily routine, which he tries to convey to his kids. He also loves blackjack and poker, skiing, and traveling too. St. Tropez, France is by far his favorite city in the world, but he wouldn’t ever say no to a visit to Italy too. Nevertheless, his all time favorite activity is spending time with his family.

Barry Honig married his high-school sweetheart, Renee. Having been together for 30 years (married for 18), they have a magical, soul-mate life together with their four children (ages 9, 12, 13 and 16 – what a handful!) and their 4 dogs (mostly rescues). Residing in Boca Raton, Florida they lead a life of action and involvement in their community.

Barry, never having been one to sit around and do nothing, founded the Barry And Renee Honig Charitable Foundation with his wife, which serves the community’s children by donating to programs benefiting children. The organization also supports animals and contributes to religious establishments.

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latest Blog

Insights, tips and the latest news from Barry and his Team. Our business and nonprofit updates are all here for your reading pleasure.

Florida Community



Pershing Gold – Barry Honig’s Positive Influence

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Barry C. Honig knows investing. Founder of GRQ Consultants, Inc., and Marlin Capital, LP, his impressive track record speaks for itself. Since the beginning of his career, Mr. Honig has shown outstanding judgment when making investment decisions. This, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the capital markets, distinguishes him among investors.

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A Tale of Two Programs

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When Brandon McThay started his nonprofit agency, The Florida Vipers, it was against all odds. In the midst of a challenging 2009 economy, his dream of starting an organization that would encourage underprivileged youth in his native Deerfield Beach to succeed in every aspect of life was in danger of never coming to fruition.

Florida Community



Police Athletic Leagues – Supporting America’s Youth

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In recent years, some communities and their police departments have seen the sad deterioration of an important civic relationship. Although our times seem more challenging than ever, the truth is, a concerted effort has always been required to ensure that the relationship between law enforcement and community youth stays positive.